Discover how to beat the robots and keep your job.

The robots are coming, the robots are coming.  And you know they are.

So, what are you going to do about it?
You share YOU.

Share about YOU so that you are memorable.

This allows you to create that competitive advantage to stand out from the crowd.
From your peers.
From the robots.

Wondering how to beat the robots, here is a summary 3 ideas:
1. Share YOUR why
2. ‎Share YOUR story
3. ‎Share YOUR expertise, tips, and tricks

Let’s dive a little deeper into what you can share about yourself.

1. Read Simon Sinek’s “Find Your Why”

(I prefer this book because it summarizes the first book “Start With Why” at the beginning of this book… sort of 2 for 1).
— Do the exercise
— Understand why you do what you do
— Share the outcome of the exercises
P.S. Robots don’t have “whys” 🙂

2. Build your MSB (Memorable Story Bank)

— Pick 1-2 stories that represent you –Story that you can tell in 30-90 seconds
— Practice the story out loud to a friend that knows the story
— Record the conversation so you can capture their feedback
— Incorporate the feedback and begin sharing your MSB
P.S. Robots don’t have their own stories 🙂

3. Build your MRL (Memorable Resource Library)

How do you start to build it?  By activities you are already doing, such as:
— 8-10 questions someone asks you when they come on board your team
— 8-10 actions you take when joining a new group
— 8-10 “How Did You Do That” tips you shared with a colleague
— 8-10 shortcuts you show every client.

P.S. Robots don’t have their own tips 🙂

When you share personal information, you move from a “nice to have” commodity to a “must have” thought leader. You save your job.

LinkedIn is the perfect online public platform to share your Why, MSB, and MRL.

These steps are how to beat the robots and keep your job, and stay ahead of the robots.

Which one of the options above will you tackle first?

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