Here are some business tips I have summarized from the National Speakers Association, NSA, National Conference 2014 in San Diego, California.

These are the tips, tricks and words of wisdom that I encounter and summarize in my own words (and keep the integrity of the statement) .

1. Bruce Turkel shared how to get the best out of  a conference. When you go to a conference, plan to purchase the recording of sessions to get the content and the data.  That will allow you spend time in the halls to meet new people, connect with others and network.  I agree, the connecting with the people in person with like interests is important and embrace it when you have the opportunity.

2.  Ann McNeill – She said that your mastermind needs 3 things to be successful:  meeting regularly, have a format and to include all aspects of your life, not just your business.  I think that if you are successful in business, it is often the relationships, the health and the spirtual sides that are sacrificed, which is ironic because it is those ones that get your there… go for overall and balanced success, everyone around you will be happier, including you!

3.  Rita B. Craig had a quick tool tip, the selfie stick.  It has a button and cable on the handle, so no software to buy, or bluetooth to link.  All in one device and very cool (affiliate link):

4.Gayle Carson, aka The Spunky Old Broad.  She has attended 33 National Speaker Association ( National Conferences.  When someone asked her why she went to so many conferences, wasn’t she learning anything?  She replied that it was the opposite, she was learning so much year after year so she kept going back. As she concluded: Learning is Living.

5. Ruby Newell-Legner of 7 Star Service says that replace the generalist, with a specialty.  Boy, she walks her walk. She is a Fan Experience Specialist in the Sports and Entertainment niches.  That is specific. I say, WHO do you serve, and don’t be a Jack Of All Trade… BE THE MASTER OF ONE.