How can masks, macadamia nuts, and a microphone help you connect with people?

I recently participated in a gift exchange where we were to bring a gift that represented ourselves.

My friend/colleague was ready to open her gift. The audience was more excited about what would happen after she opened the gift.

We watched as she began to open it and a karaoke microphone was revealed.

We asked the giver of the microphone HOW this represented himself.

He shared that music and karaoke singing was an important family bonding activity for major holidays and events.

Another gift was a mask and the giver shared how masks were important in his culture.

Another shared how macadamia nuts reminded her of her childhood in Hawaii.

During the entire gift exchange, everyone was more excited to hear the stories than see the gifts. We wanted to know how this item was important to givers.

We have all heard how stories are an important tool for connecting with others.

How do you use your personal stories to connect more? How have you seen this used effectively?

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