Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?

Sounds kind of crazy, right.

But think about it.

Are you comfortable that you won’t know what the heck is going to happen next?  And are you okay with that?

Level Of Uncertainty

Entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders are crazy enough to accept this level of uncertainty.  We never know what will happen next.

I don’t think that we are born with  accepting “uncertainty”, I think we learn and grow into it.

I know for me, discovering uncertainty as “normal” became part of me when I had a corporate job. I don’t remember when it happened or making a conscious effort.  It just happened.


I do remember when I someone pointed out to me that I was “comfortable being uncomfortable”.


I remember EXACTLY .

Winter. Cold. Dreary. St. Louis. Windowless conference room.

Janice and I were sharing stories, as we often did, while waiting for tasks to complete.

After I had shared a story with her, she told ME that I  was “comfortable being comfortable.”

After some hesitation, I accepted her observation “Yes, I  am.”


So that is when I figured it out …well, okay, after someone brought it to my attention.  I knew that I successfully navigated new situations.


Your NEW Comfort Zone

As Mia Hamm said “Success Breeds Success”.  When you navigate in an uncertain area and you succeed, you become more confident.

Then you navigate into another new area, and succeed again. The successes and confidence keeps building upon previous successes.

It is these successes, that create your NEW comfort zone.  These successes help make a successful business owner, entrepreneur and leader.


How do you START?

Start with “known” areas, and soon the “unknown” tasks you will be able to continue to be successful as well.

If you don’t get the success you want at first, scale back on the items until you do. Then increase the scale again, and you succeed.

Rinse and Repeat.

Are YOU comfortable being uncomfortable?