If you are an executive or leader and are reading this is, you are wondering do leaders need their own blog?

Yes you do. Start that blog.

Don’t wait any longer.

What Will Staring A Blog Give You?

A blog will provide the opportunity to share your approach, philosophy, method, or results.

A blog, from the weblog term combined to make a blog, allows you to express your expertise and value.

It is an incredible way to share what you believe. For you to connect with customers and prospects, and employees and peers.

The “hidden” benefit is that it will pre-sell your customers. Your customers are internal and external to your organization.

Internal means within your organization. A blog will show your direct reports and their direct reports your philosophy and that you are human. That you are a thought leader in the company. Your blog content will help your peers, SLT and ELT team members learn from you.

External refers to outside of your company. Your blog will enable you to spread your expertise to larger audiences. And impact more people. You will be able to educate and influence more people in your organization and your industry. You will become a thought leader in your industry as well, which will help your company.

A blog will provide you the ability for you to be part of the global economy. Providing information to help those all around the world as well as your team.

A blog will allow you to expand your influence and impact.

A blog will allow you to expand your influence and impact.Click To Tweet

Your thought leadership.

At this point, you are ready to start your blog.

There are two questions you may have: how much TIME will it take and how to start the blog?

How Much Time Will It Take To Blog Take?

It is no more time than you are spending repeating your approach to colleagues and direct reports. You are not sharing your thoughts on how to solve world domination…

…well, maybe not world domination, but industry domination.

Use your blog as a source for your team updates. Use the same or similar information and repurpose work and maximize effectiveness.

The topics that you will write on first will be the top “Eye rolling” questions you are always asked about. Copy your last email on this topic, or go present on it and record it and you have a blog post. Now every time this situation or question comes up, send a link to the blog.

Think how much time that will save to have a library of your answers… that is your blog.

It will also show others your leadership style. When looking to bring in new talent, you, your team, and the company’s style will be in black in white to read by all. Talk about a great recruiting tool and giving an inside perspective. What an easy way for enabling engagement.

Why not share your information on LinkedIn? In short, because you don’t own LinkedIn. For more reasons on why to use a blog and LinkedIn, click here.

Don’t be the best kept secret in the industry, start your leadership blog today.

Don’t be the best kept secret in the industry, start your leadership blog today.Click To Tweet

How to Start your blog?

Buy your domain, which will be your name or a variation. Have someone install wordpress on your domain. Start writing your blog. It is like creating a word document on line so new special technical skills needed.

More here on the details on how to start a blog and which type.

Start your blog now.

Please comment below on what you think of your blog.