Have you wondered how to be research ready as a woman business leader and #influence and help more people?

As consumers, we research a topic before making a decision:
– which products contain certain ingredients based on our personal needs
– best drones to use for a wedding
– what the customers are saying about best smart appliances

We can arm ourselves with more information on many topics that we relied on the experts in person. Businesses are “upping their game” by sharing more value that consumers need.

These similar expectations are happening in the business world:
– an expert point of view on how to design
– how a product user is using a product
– a cool hack to say time

I have had three real-life examples that I experienced and wanted to share.

Please note that names are changed 🙂 



I was on a project and working with Tammy, a consultant from another firm.

I was waiting on a colleague, Susie, to arrive on site and join the rest of the team.

Tammy asked if it was Susie Smith.

Yes, I replied

Tammy went “Fan Girl” on me. (Well, not me, on Susie, and I was there to witness)

Tammy continued, “Are you serious? OMG! I have seen Susie speak and read her blog. Susie’s information has been so helpful. I am so excited to be able to meet her in person!!!”

Share your #expertise and #influence and #impact others, and watch the video here.



I was on a telephone call with Tim, the client, to introduce him a new consultant on the engagement, Jake.

Tim says, “I know Jake, and I have been following his blog for the last few years. No need to introduce him, Kim, I know his work.”

Mic drop.

Watch the video here if you prefer.

Start sharing your #expertise today, and be #memorable and #influence and #impact tomorrow.



While I was on a client engagement with Steve, we were brainstorming approaches we could use for design.

As we walked through some ideas, Steve would share how that option would or would not apply to them.

Every single one.

Steve shared the specific expert’s blog he read the information that was relevant.

He had done his homework.

He had researched industry knowledge, vendor information, other expert’s blogs.

He had analyzed his options and information.

He prepared and informed.

This is the first time I had seen this level of research and preparation on a project in 20 years.

If you prefer, you can watch a quick video here.


As a woman business leader, are you research ready?  Are you providing information that your users, readers or audience will need? Are you ready to help them?

Begin today to start sharing your expertise and help more people.

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