Have you ever wondered HOW to celebrate your accomplishments?

I think the WHY is more important and should you celebrate your accomplishments as well.

As entrepreneurs,  we often work alone and are notoriously hard on ourselves.   I know that for me, I want and expect all items to go as planned, and when it doesn’t, I consider the entire project FAILURE, not just the particular item or task that failed.

Yes, I have been guilty of this more often than I care to admit.

When I would complete an item, I would say “But”, or If Only”.  Or I would focus on each specific item, rather than the overall project or goal.  Before we know it, it seems like we never have any entrepreneurial successes or accomplishments because we have only acknowledged and focused on the BAD and none of the GOOD.

How to celebrate

My dad, who is also an entrepreneur, shared with me many years ago to celebrate my major wins. He says to stop and appreciate what you have done for you and your biz.  It could be a great dinner, a vacation, a piece of furniture, a massage, jewelry, anything that is significant for you.

Just celebrate it.

I say to celebrate the small ones too.



Success Breeds Success

-Mia Hamm

Why to celebrate

As entrepreneurs, I think that the “unwritten” job description is to learn new “stuff” constantly. Part of this learning is from books and part of it is learning to move my business forward.

When you are the business owner, you are leading the charge to grow and improve your business, this can be purchasing a new CRM computer software, branching out to new social media platform and getting trained on how to onboard clients, vendors and team or the best way to roll out your online training for corporations and government customers.

Because you are always taking on these new endeavors, you will hit road blocks and obstacles that you did not plan.  So it is easy to get frustrated and want to give up. That is when I create a smaller goal, then take the win when it is accomplished.  Since success breeds success, every success leads to another success because of confidence, track record and necessity.

Here are some examples of accomplishments that my clients have celebrated – created a blog post, went for a morning walk, made a sales call, published an article on Huffington Post, completed a webinar, nailed their expertise, provided results for your clients…

A win is a win!

Take the praise, smile and learn how to appreciate your efforts… and go CELEBRATE!