Want to know how to create a Facebook Live video?

Here are the 7 basic tips to get started creating a Facebook Live video:

  1. Facebook Live videos can only be completed using a smartphone or tablet, not a computer or laptop
  2. A strong internet connection has to be present.  If the connection is weak, Facebook will notify when you try to begin one and will not allow the Live video to be created
  3. Ensure your device (phone or tablet) has plenty of battery left or is plugged in, this activity utilizes the battery power quickly
  4. Ensure your device has plenty of space/memory on your device. Depending upon the device you may want to purchase a memory card
  5. Hold your device vertical, not horizontal
  6. There is about a 5-10 second delay when you speak and the audience hears, and when they type or chat so be patient with the time delay
  7. When starting and ending the video, sitting or standing still with a smile is the good pose to use

Want to know how to practice creating a Facebook Live video?

When you chose to create a Facebook Live video from your Facebook Page, chose “Private” and you are the only one to be able to see it.

Or, you can create a Private Facebook Group, and practice in this group and all the videos you create in here are private.

How to hold the camera if you want to share something for your audience to read?

If you want the audience to read an item, sign, book, or your computer screen, there is a proper way to share this so that the text is readable for the audience.  You place the item behind the camera, and then flip the camera view to view in front of you.

What type of equipment to use to create a Facebook Live video?

I recommend when you are in your home or office, or a stable location that you use a tripod with either a smartphone or tablet attachment, like pictured here. If the area that you are filming is quiet, then no additional recording device it typically needed, so test it to make sure.

If you want a device that can travel with you, take to events or conferences, or have, I like a travel tripod and light to ensure the ease to hold it.  You will typically need a microphone for these venues and have listed them here.


What do you think of Facebook Live video? Please post your comments below, I would like to know.