How to start a business leader blog involves 2 steps.

And you don’t have to do both steps, I recommend hiring out step #2.

1. Buy your own domain name which will be your blog
2. Install the “blog” software and theme

Step 1: Buy Your Domain

Use Your Name

Your name or a variation of your name is best name for your blog .

Like this blog, it is

Get the .com. Not any of the other extensions. Because no one thinks to type in .net or .org.

If is not available, try:


Also stay away from titles, roles or industries. Those may change and you want the most flexibility for the future.


What If You Have A Name Change?

Your name will not change, unless you are a woman and get married or divorced.

Whatever the reason for the name change, keep your original domain.

Buy a new domain with the new name and have your IT friend route it to your “old” name.

For example, if your current name and domain and blog is Tomorrow you will get married (or divorced), buy a new domain with your new name, Have routed or pointed to

You will always keep the original domain that you purchased. That has all the history of blogging and search engines like that history.

What If Your Name Is Difficult To Spell or Pronounce?

If your name is difficult to spell or pronounce or both. Shorten the name.

For instance, if your name is Robert Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, try:


If your name has common spellings, also buy the iterations.

For example, would also get:


If you have an acceptable “nick name” that you use in business, use that name instead.

For example, if your name is Jim Johnston, and you go by “Johnny Johnston”, look for both, your legal and common name.


I also recommend staying away from sayings or philosophy.

Because they can often change and evolve and focus on different areas.

  • The Leadership Whisperer
  • The Sales Tiger
  • Compliance Man


Use your name. That (almost) never changes.

Prince and the basketball player Meta Peace are the exceptions. And Jenny from the Block.

We are in business, not entertainment or sports so don’t have to worry about that type of name change.


Chose a name of your blog and your domain and keep in mind that it will NEVER change. Never ever. Ever.

Never ever. Ever.


If you expand and build a company you can create a new domain for that company and keep your name as your domain as well.


Step 2: Install the Blog Software and install a theme

You are going to pay someone to do set this up for you.  I  use these guys to setup my sites.

The last few steps are having someone install wordpress which is the most popular software. They will configure it with a theme so it is visually appealing aka “purty”.

Then you can start adding your blog posts, like this one.

How technical do you have to be to create blog posts?

You don’t. If you can use Word, and browse online and use Sharepoint at work, that is the tech level needed.

It is now super easy to start typing away and creating that awesome information to share.