Have you ever wondered what smartphone video equipment to use for videos?  This equipment works for Facebook Live, YouTube Live and other videos.

I have noted if the equipment is helpful when traveling or being in a remote location.  The equipment has been grouped into 4 categories:

  • Stands
  • Lighting
  • Microphones
  • Makeup


If you are interested in how to create a Facebook Live Video, click here to discover how.



Adjustable Phone and Tablet Stand that is portable and travels well


Selfie Stick

Small Tripod for desk

50″ Tripod

62″ Tripod

Tablet attachment for tripod (works with tripods listed above)

Cell Phone attachment for tripod (works with tripods listed above)




Portable lighting – love this travel light because it is small and rechargeable.


For the Desk




A good microphone is not a large investment for live stream videos.  You can utilize your headset for your videos and I recommend hiding the cord by tucking into your shirt collar to have a cleaner and more professional look.



Bose Wired


Bose Wireless

Great for Groups – such as conferences, small meetings and interviews



Yup, powder.  So if you are going to do filming with lots of lights, this will take out the shininess from anyone.  For men and women.