What are the 5 social media platforms every business leaders needs?

As a business leader and expert, you only need a handful of social media accounts to be effective.

As with anything new, start with one, make progress, then add another.

Progress not perfection.

First, make sure you have created your blog.

That is your foundation, your platform and what you own. No one can take it away.

Your blog is the central place for housing your thought leadership and ideas. It is also searched and indexed by Google, so it shows that you own those thoughts and ideas. And no one can copy them.

The second step is to spread your message, content and expertise.

Social media platforms allow you to meet and reach your audience. Your audience can view, comment, interact and consume your information.

Below is the list of 5 social media platforms every business leader needs:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Page
  • YouTube Channel
  • Google plus
  • Twitter



As a business leader, Linkedin provides sharing and access to other industry and leaders. You have the ability to share your information and ideas with people that you have connected. You will be able to start reaching more and more people in your industry and become more influential.

Facebook Page

Create a public figure Facebook page. This allows you to keep your personal and business Facebook information separated. On your Facebook page, you will share pictures, blog posts and Facebook Live videos.

YouTube Channel

As a thought leader, creating videos is common for you. If it is not yet common, it will be since video is growing at exponential rates. You need your YouTube channel to store and share your videos.

Google Plus

Google owns YouTube and is the 2nd largest search engine. Google is the 1st largest search engine in the world. Even though Google plus is not used much, because Google owns it, sharing your content here is smart.


Twitter is a tool for reaching your audience and sharing content at events. It is easier to tweet out a great quote you hear from a speaker. Plus, if POTUS has it, you should too.

There are other social media platforms, and they have different focus or age demographics.

Pinterest is for women over 35.

Snapchat, Instagram are for those under 30.

Get the key business social media platforms working, then expand to others if it makes sense.