There are three benefits that customers receive with working with you that must be clearly defined. This is a must do when creating and refining your message so that you attract the right audience and set the right expectations.


Definition of a Business Benefit

First, let’s define the word BENEFIT to put us on the same page:

1.General Business Definition: An Advantage

2.Marketing Definition: Desirable attribute of a good or service, which a customer perceives he or she will get from purchasing.  For example, vendors sell features (“high-speed drill bit with tungsten-carbide tip”), buyers seek the benefit (the holes).


Three Benefits That Customers Receive When Working With You

Every offer must hit one of these three areas, and I use the anacronym TQM to help remember them.

Time. Quality. Money.



People will pay for more FREE time or spending LESS time.

This business benefit is often seen in training, coaching, systems, consulting, methodologies, short cuts, etc.   These items will save the end user time so that they don’t have to figure it out themselves, and give them more free time because they don’t have to figure it out themselves.



This benefit is seen more in the personal, or B2C, world than the business world, or B2B.  It has to do with increasing the quality of life.

  • More Sex – be slimmer, or younger or the right testosterone levels to perform like you are young…
  • Less Weight – diets, and instant weight loss scams… I mean pills.
  • More Confidence – buy a sports car, attract the ladies, have the perfect white smile
  • More Healthy  – usually exercise or fitness related
  • Better Sex – the V medicine that makes things last longer…
  • More Safe – have you seen the “Help me, I’ve fallen and can’t get …”, or life insurance for the family
  • Better Piece of Mind – Give your aging parents…
  • Better Cook – Are you tired of burning….
  • Lifestyle Business – leave your crappy 9 to 5, don’t answer to anyone more, create your schedule, escape corporate…

You too will start to notice these and other commercials now.

You are so welcome.



People will pay for MORE money or FEWER expenses.

This business benefit can be seen in techniques to reduce, steps to increase and is paired with TIME.

  • Live the lifestyle business – make more money than you are now, and make your own schedule and enjoy the quality of life you want (this one has all 3!)
  • Offer more, better or the right products so  you can make more money
  • Passive income, while you sleep is more money
  • Discover how to hire and train the right talent, so reduce turnover and reduce expenses
  • Save money and time by purchasing our consulting services, or training system, or Widget XXL
  • How to hire the right VA to save money

Remember, every benefit statement must be related back to the target and solve at least one of these three areas.  Clarity of benefits attracts the clients that have the problems and issues you can resolve.

What benefits does your business provide?