So you have a blog.  I bet you are wondering what do I share on my blog?

Don’t worry.

It is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the more it will get better.

You will share the information you do, see and experience everyday. That is the information that will help people. This is also what you know and this is what you will share.

You will share everything.

Well, almost everything. You will begin to see that most interactions can be related and valuable for your audience.

Here are some examples how to start to look at your everyday activities and turn them into meaningful information for your audience. Below are 39 idea starters.

  1. An email from a colleague that is upset about X and …
  2. A teaching moment observed by peers at an SLT meeting
  3. Why the information in the reports, not the reports, have a ripple effect on decisions in the company planning and the impact of not being accurate and on time
  4. Your take on an industry meeting topic that you attended last night
  5. Your recommendation on a new approach the company should use and why
  6. How your son’s baseball coach missed a valuable lesson
  7. Why going to the gym before work every day allows you to have a productive day
  8. What it means when your daughter being late for her dance practice equates to work ethic or commitment or parenting or ???
  9. Your philosophy on meetings – to have or not to have
  10. Why you are modifying one of your top 7 approaches your leadership lessons
  11. How your afternoon walk re-energizes you
  12. When the best time to do x is
  13. How to handle rejection on a conference call or publicly
  14. How working with your global team taught you x
  15. Why you take time to meet with each of your direct reports 50 minutes a week
  16. The 5 benefits your direct reports have when meeting with each team member 30 minutes a week
  17. Why I answered this salesman’s telephone call
  18. How blogging has helped my teams profit 2x
  19. Lessons from being a blogger
  20. 9 truths about the X industry
  21. Why my new hobby of yoga taught me X
  22. How getting out of my office showed me Y
  23. My weekly lunch and learns have fueled employee engagement
  24. Why it is important to have leaders of all ages
  25. What to do with the 30-year employees?
  26. How corporate internet security starts with all of us and I screwed up
  27. How work relationships are like a great marriage
  28. What my spouse taught me about leadership
  29. Customer service when you least expect it
  30. What my fishing week taught me about compliance
  31. I discovered how risk management really works from my 9-year daughter
  32. How to get strangers to open my emails
  33. Why building your network is important at any stage in your career
  34. The 9 truths to successfully build your network
  35. A great quote from a book you are reading and what it means to you
  36. 11 leadership principles you learned from Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
  37. Pictures of a conference you are attending and 7 take-aways that you have learned
  38. Pictures of you on the weekend to show that you do practice what you preach
  39. A picture with your team and the new goal achieved!

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