You will learn more by asking the right questions, what worked and what didn’t work?

Sometimes looking at an issue from a different angle is the best way to generate new ideas, insights, and perspectives.

At a one day mastermind where I facilitated 11 other professional speakers, I asked them to share:

2. What DIDN’T work
3. And WHY the DIDN’T didn’t work on the path to WHAT WORKED

This exercise generated helpful conversations and discussions.

We were candid on the exact steps, costs /pricing, resources, techniques, screw ups, software, timelines, results, level of effort.

Very specific.  Very useful.

We discovered and understood what would and would not apply to our businesses.

I found that I had dropped, added and re-prioritized my next steps for my biz based on these discussions.

Find a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and do this exercise and share what you discover.


So, what has worked for you lately?