Struggling with why you need to delegate? How about scale, grow and lead.

How about allowing someone else to use their talents on tasks that you no longer have time to do.

How about there are people that can do those tasks better than you. Stick to your specialty.

I know, because I was a do-it-all-because-it-was-faster-than-showing-someone-else approach. And this method got me overworked, overloaded and over committed.

When my clients are struggling with the delegation, it is for one of these three reasons.


Poor planning and time management are always an issue for a non-delegator. With so many items to complete, that a reasonable person would cringe at the know-it-all’s schedule. What are these items – people, software, technology, meeting rooms, time, etc.

If the lack of completion occurs:

— consistently, then look at the upcoming tasks and work backward to determine the reasonable timeline.

— occasionally, then see if there is any pattern to drop this, otherwise, it is a world of occasional surprises.


Be aware of the strengths and talents of the team members.

First know their strengths, so that means KNOWING your team. If you don’t, you are too busy and shame on you.

If you know what your team has the skills and do not assign, then it is a trust issue. Please look at where the trust issue lies, with you or them or both.

Sometimes you will find members that don’t align with the new direction of the team or organization. This is an opportunity for them to find a better fit in a different group or team where they align better with those goals better.

As the leader, also knowing your strengths so that you can build a team around those skills. It will ensure that you have a team that not only supports those areas but enjoys doing tasks.


Be clear on your purpose, your personal mission. It is more impactful by reaching more people. To reach more, growing and scaling is the way to get there.

Share your purpose, vision and mission with your team.

They will help you and others be influenced.

The best way to grow and scale is with a team and have more help. When the strengths of the team are the best and aligned, the impact is the best.
What will you start delegating first?